University College Dublin

Congratulations to the following on their appointment to the UCD Emergency Medicine Society for 2021/2022!

Chairperson: Sarah McConnell
Vice-Chairperson: Niamh Geraghty
Vice-Chairperson: Liam Loughrey
Financial/Fundraising Officer: John Callaghan-Moore
Events Officer: Asa Carley
Education Officer: Doug Smith
PRO: Fara Izyana Meor Faiza
PRO: Alexa Mitroi
Simwars co-ordinator: Benny Viner
Simwars co-ordinator: Sofia Dragacevac
SimSessions co-ordinator: Alex McDaid
SimSessions co-ordinator: Aela O’Flynn
Obs night co-ordinator: Fiona Byrne
Obs night co-ordinator: Claire MacBride
Sonogames co-ordinator: Andrew Meehan
Sonogames co-ordinator: Kerri Rowen

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You can contact UCD Emergency Medicine Society directly at: